lundi, octobre 22, 2007

On line volunteerism is an eye opening to examine issues from the inside out

Anastasia Koustalianos is a Canadian who began volunteering as French to English translator with AZUR since 2005. She has been interviewed by our colleague Marc Foukou about her motivations. AZUR Developpement works online and on site with international volunteers on its various projects since 2003. National and international volunteers have contributed a lot in the achievement of the organization’s goals.

You decided to offer your translation skills to AZUR Development two years ago. Could you tell us what reasons did you have to do so?

For many reasons. First and foremost, I believe in the work AZUR Development is doing. On a selfish note, however, it allows me to contribute to a cause greater than myself while exercising a profession I enjoy.

Does your understanding of the issues faced by African women and children improved since you started doing translations for AZUR Développement? Please explain.

Certainly. Despite having studied African politics in university, it is always eye opening to examine issues from the inside out. In this light, I have gained greater
insight into the Congolese experience.

How could AZUR Développement make more rewarding your volunteerism experience?

Perhaps being able to translate pamphlets, reports or online discussions, this would reach a more global audience. Or AZUR Development could provide internship opportunities in Africa whereby volunteers may gain firsthand experience on the issues affecting Western Africa more specifically.

Regular communication with AZUR Développement is made only via internet, is it a barrier to the accomplishment of your service?
Please explain and make suggestions.

Not at all. Inevitably with the time change the Internet is perhaps the only way to contact one another. In this respect, I cannot suggest any more efficient ways to

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