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8 March 2009: girls lead in an essay competition on sustainable development

As part of the celebration of International Women's Day, and the continuation of project activities on the Earth Charter, and sustainable development, AZUR Development has organized an essay competition at the school Mosque on Monday 9 March 2009, on "how women and girls can contribute to sustainable development? " for students of the college. .

Thirty nine (39) students in grades 4th and 5th with 28 girls and 6 boys brought their ideas and responded to how women and girls can contribute to sustainable development.

Five best essays were selected namely, Likibi Happo Horeyole in 5th class, 13 years. For her, "women need a lot of work, respect the environment, they should not destroy the animals or kill."

As for Ntsouini Thai, 13 years in 5th class, "girls must go to school and should not become a prostitute. Women must contribute to peace in the country. "

Wonder Castant Macaya, 5th in 11 years, "women and girls must contribute to sustainable development through real actions and recognized by the State, such as the power of the people is democracy, respect for all citizens, and respect for public property. They also act by saying no to violence and protecting themselves against HIV. "

Ngoyi answered, 4th in 15 years about it, "women should participate in child rearing, work and say no to violence against them and laziness, to avoid the complex.

The last contribution and that of Mahoungou Marc, 12, 4th. For him, "women have the right to speak to contribute to sustainable development, with freedom and a course of action worthy of them".

It is important to note that of the five best essays writers, four (4) are girls and one boy. They were awarded Plenète Jeunes magazine and mathematical tools. Any time the other participants in the competition received cookies and candies.

At the end, these children have also expressed their appreciation to the Radio FM Ponton not only for the project to which they participate, but also for organizing this contest in their school and offering them prizes.

The school also thanked us for chooing his school "this kind of activity in our school is the first one to nbe organized by an orhanisation, it contributes to the development of children."

This project certainly raises activism and strengthens young people's contribution to sustainable development. The second step of this project is the start of mini projects in schools next week. The ideas from youth about projects in their schools are : libraries, access to water for students, the planting of palm trees to fight against erosion in school and installation of garbage bins in schools.

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Extract from the report of the project on the contribution of youth in sustainable development using the Earth Charter.

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