lundi, août 28, 2006

Why Dorothy went to the land of OZ or Congo?

Reflections on purpose, objectives, and cosmic pulls…………………..

No one ever asks why Dorothy went to the land of OZ. But always I am asked. So here is my answer. I was washed here by a strong current, blown by a powerful wind, and sucked by the great cosmic pull.

Honestly, I arrived in Brazzaville with little in my mind, little expectation, little objective, little coherent thought.

There were two things – travel, and work. For travel I am naturally curious about the way of life over the oceans, something which you cannot see in a whirlwind tour, or contiki style rush, 1 week of 5 countries, and 100 different monuments and 5 star hotels (all designed perfectly to make you feel at home.)

For work, I am wanting to see what life is like for NGO’s in developing countries. I want to learn more about perspectives on development, I want to see the projects people are working on, and where possible I want to help. Have these objectives been met?

I guess I can answer more of this when time comes to depart. For now my answer is as follows: For travel, of course, although I must say AZUR member are doing their best to spoil me silly and it is almost as if I’m living in a 5 star hotel.

As for work, I am watching, I am listening, and I am learning…..oh yes and I am helping. So objectives met? tick. As for coherency on understanding development, from my perspective and from others perspectives, I have a long way to go. I have 101 questions, and 101 issues, and many many many more lengthy discussions to have.

So that is the story so far…………..I am looking forward to the rest. Thank you to AZUR for making this journey possible.

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