lundi, août 28, 2006

Freemobile4women, empowering rural young women with mobile phones!!!

AZUR has planned to provide 50 mobile phones to 100 young women living in rural areas with social and economic return. Freemobile4women is a pioneering initiative for women involvement in the use of ICTs for their empowerment.

Two young women living in rural areas need only 200 US$, 200 Euros or 200 £ to start a call kiosk. They will earn an income and also help their communities where they live to access to information, generally agriculture and markets information.

Empowering young women

By contributing to this program, you are empowering economically disadvantaged young women, who otherwise would never get this opportunity. Philo, a young woman says “a mobile call kiosk doesn’t cost a lot, we just need a phone and air time to start, and we are ready for that. Yes, a phone could change our lives.”

There are in urban areas, at least two mobile call kiosks in each 1 kilometre. It’s expected that the project will be a success in rural areas, where mobile phone penetrates faster than the internet. Mobile phones are cheaper and easy to use. AZUR will also train young women in marketing, improving our income, making savings and how to expand their activities.

Bringing change in young women’s lives

Communities where young women lives are not only clients, but by paying 0,4 US$ per minute, they keep regular contact with their families, clients and other relatives in and outside that area; but they are also contributing to young women empowerment and at risk behaviours reduction. Most of young women, economically disadvantaged and who live in impoverished areas are exposed day to day to HIV/AIDS, to forced and early marriage, rural exodus, and prostitution etc.

To contribute to this program, please donate 200 US$, 200 Euros or 200 £ or more to
FreeMobile4women, email:

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