jeudi, mars 07, 2013

Workshop on PMTCT to prepare health and community workers to action

In terms of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Congo aims to improve the quality of life of its people through: reducing mortality and morbidity currently estimated at 781/100.000 live births the access for all irrespective of age and sex to SRH care quality, access to safe and reliable information on SRH, gender promotion, effective involvement of men in the resolution of issues related to SRH and support the reproductive health of the elderly.

 As part of the continuation of the project "Strengthening of groups of people living with HIV for community PMTCT" funded by Positive Action Community Fund (PACF); implemented in (Bouenza province) and Makoua (Cuvette central province),  a training workshop on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS  was held from February 28 to March 2, 2013 at Nkayi with 25 health and community workers and volunteers from the areas of Nkayi and Madingou.

The objectives of this training was to build the capacity of 25 health  and community workers to do awareness on HIV / AIDS and the prevention of transmission of HIV / AIDS from mother to child (PMTCT);  to identify strengths and weaknesses  of community interventions on PMTCT  implemented in 2012 and the improvements to be made for the year 2013.
The workshop was also an opportunity  todevelop a close collaboration between health workers and the community for a better monitoring of HIV-positive pregnant women and adolescent girls of childbearing age  as well as  enhance the knowledge of participants in  counseling of HIV positive women and adolescent  on Sexual and Reproductive Health  services.

The trainers at this workshop were resource persons from AZUR Development, Medical workers who provide  support to people living with HIV in Madingou and  Nkayi  (Bouenza province) and the Coordinator of the Congolese Association for the welfare of the family.

The topics included: the definition of the sexual and reproductive health, knowledge about STIs, HIV and AIDS, Maternal, Newborn and Child health, sexuality and desire for children for HIV positive women, care for people living with HIV, the need for family planning, prenatal and post natal care, care and nutritional choices to the newborn from HIV positive mothers. They also reported on the activities of last year (2012).

Exercises on information and community education in the health centres were done with participants, as they could experience how to talk about PMTCT in the communities, and especially to pregnant women and their partners.It is through the awareness sessions that women understand why HIV testing is so necessary for pregnant women and for  those who desire to have a child, whatever their HIV status. The midwives attending the training were used to increase awareness on HIV/AIDS.

“This workshop was for us a great opportunity to talk with the midwives; to learn new things, and also talk to them who are those who stigmatize HIV Positive women. We also hope this workshop will help to change the behavior of health workers; and provide a way to reconcile midwives with HIV-positive women”, a HIV positive woman involved in the project said at the end of the training.

Leticia Okombi, Project coordinator

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