mardi, octobre 17, 2006

Campaign for the vote of the law to protect indigenous women in Congo

The Association of Indigenous people in Congo (APA2010) and AZUR Développement have decided to work in partnership to promote the rights of indigenous people in Congo. This law will provide a legal frame work for the freedom and respect of rights of indigenous women in the country.

Actually, there is only a draft of a law for indigenous people that guarantees the freedom and equality of indigenous people as the Bantou people (who are the majority of people in Congo Brazzaville). There’s no specific law protecting indigenous people from discrimination. It is a fact that some indigenous women faceviolence and also marginalization and live in extreme poverty.

The process of elaboration of a law for indigenous people started in November 2004 without success. Then, recently on May 2006, organisations or indigenous people, human rights and civil society have worked hard to elaborate a draft with the Ministry of lax and human rights. The Association of Indigenous People (APA 2010) has been involved in the process. However, there have been hesitations between stakeholders since the beginning of the elaboration of the law.

Actually a draft of law for indigenous people recognizing them as equally in rights with other citizens of the country has been submitted to the Parliament for adoption in the next months. But, this law is not agreed by all and it is not sure that the MPs will vote the law.

The situation of indigenous women won’t be improved if there’s no specific legal basis.
The project of campaign of promotion of law of indigenous people in Congo Brazzaville will lobby and advocate towards MPs and key decision makers and organise a media campaign to push the Parliament to vote the law of indigenous people in Congo.

The project will also mobilise the public opinion on the issues related to the marginalisation of indigenous women called Pygmies in Congo Brazzaville.
The project will give a voice to indigenous women and will contribute to the development of leadership of indigenous women.

Relying on its experience and initiatives on information sharing and communication and gender issues, AZUR Development, a women's organisation has agreed to partner with the Association of Indigenous People in Congo to fundraise and implement the campaign.

Help raise funds to support this iniative, we accept donations from 30 US $ or 30 Euros and above. Contact us to day at or send this page to your friends who might be interested.

For more information, please contact us at or visit this website (in French)

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